Tsunami 2016

From July 30

to August 27

Planned by Danilo Valla

Salinello Village

Tortoreto Lido (TE - ITALY) www.salinello.it

Bible studies, prayers, songs, games and sports, evenings with creative and musical

events, language and others, stands, entertaining activities, itinerant library organized by

Danilo Valla with books, periodicals and various products, …

Presentation and distribution of some of the books of the New Translation by Danilo Valla.

It will be possible to participate for one day or up to four weeks.

The Village is on the sea shore and is completely organized with sport and recreation

structures, a fitness trail, an extensive playground for children, a market, a restaurant, a

self service cafeteria, a pizzeria, a bar, a newspaper stand, a medical consultation room free of

charge and a pediatric consultation service, Barber and Hairdresser, an ATM, a Solarium on the

beach, a Wellness Center … the complex is located in a forest of maritime evergreens.

Accommodations in small villas with three rooms and two bathrooms, two verandas, a kitchen area,

a refrigerator, a TV and parking space. Price per person: 250€ per week (200€ per person for

families of three or more people). Other accommodations are available by adjusting the


If you sign up now you will be sure to have reservations and you will also help me pay the deposit.

The fee includes the accommodations, the use of the sport facilities (with the exception of the tennis

courts and pool) sun umbrellas and beach loungers and the possibility of participating in all the

organized activities. Fare does not include meals. Dining arrangements are possible at the

restaurant, otherwise an economic solution is using the house’s kitchen area and shopping at the

market which is convenient and well furnished (meats, cold cuts,fruit and vegetables etc.).

The bible studies will be conducted by Salvatore Corcelli, Dino Del Vecchio, Danilo Valla and

other admired brothers. Contributions and testimonies from the participants will be very welcome.

The meetings and courses will be held in a soundproof, air-conditioned hall for 500 people. The hall

has a perfect acoustic system and is complete with 6 microphones, four speakers, a mobile

illumination and projecting system, screens, interactive multimedia boards/blackboards, mobile

walls to set up stands and separate rooms, a directing room, …

Reservations can be made directly by email to Danilo Valla: karakalpaki@libero.it The

reservation must be confirmed with a payment of 100 € per person. You can use a regular postal

payment form and pay to Danilo Valla’s postal account number 0218795471.

If, instead you would like to use a bank money transfer, pay to:

IBAN: IT96Z0760111300001021879547 BIC: BPPIITRRXXX

Or to Danilo Valla’s Postpay card, n° 5333171009248275

Always send an email (karakalpaki@libero.it) to confirm your personal information (name, age, address, telephone

numbers, the amount paid, the dates intended to attend, other information important to note, …

An initial outline of the various activities.

Daily program:

8,30 - 10,30 Bible studies, prayers, singing, ...

10,30 - 20,30 Free time with the possibility to attend various organized activities.

20,30 - 22,30 Bible studies, singing, special evenings, concerts, testimonies,....

22,30-23 Tsunami club (Geopolitical news, news in literature and music, topics of interest, …).

Special days:

(with the possibility of being a guest in the village for a single day - cost :7 euros)

Saturday August 15th: The “G.L.Pascale” College Day (history, testimonies, University and

diploma graduations, Certifications and state of the art, ...

Sunday August 21st: Israel Day.


Micro cells (a prospective for the church?)

• spiritual self-reliance (traveling ministry, new evangelization methods, ...)

• food self-sufficiency (an experiment from San Damiano d’Asti)

• schooling self-reliance: an experiment of homeschooling from Monteveglio (BO)

Internet and evangelization, the Net and modern fishers of men, YouTube experiment, …

New Bible translation from original writings: state of art, process, delivery to attendees of some

books translated by the method Word.by.Word, showing of the Center “Lorenzo Valla” for Bible


Christianity and christian faith: all the important Missionary organizations bring the christian

religion to the corners of the world, are they doing good or evil? Jesus said that religion annuls the

Word of God ( Matthew 15:6) Do religious Missionary organizations do the work of God or...? And

however almost all of these are ecumenical and/or liberal!


Somalia/North Korea.

Book store from the “Lorenzo Valla” Center.

Bazaar (Nations dossier for prayers, stamps and coins from around the world, various objects,

typical products from the various Italian regions, products from Finland,.....)

Finland: history,culture, language, kantele, the new translation of the Bible, ...

Free activities:

• Complete course of biblical hebrew and greek (two hours every morning for four weeks)

Danilo Valla.

• An introductory course of biblical hebrew and greek (two hours a day for one week) Danilo


• Introduction to the history of philosophy (one hour a day for one week): Danilo Valla.

• Short World History in one week (one hour per day) by Danilo Valla.

• Introduction to drums and percussions: Ferruccio Parrinello

• Sign language for the deaf by Rebecca Parrinello.

• Singing (Fede Porzio).

• Finnish.

• Elementary English and basic conversation.

• Other courses will be organized based on the requests of the participants and based on the

feed back of the brothers and sisters that I am inviting. A small library with books and

periodicals organized by Danilo Valla will be available. The value and contents will be

explained by Danilo Valla on request.

Useful information:

• Danilo Valla and the brothers who present their studies will dedicate an hour a day to

whoever has questions, doubts, or considerations, etc. on the studies and on the Bible in


• The only sport facilities non included in the fee are tennis courts and swimming pools.

Swimming pools fares are 2.50 € per person (adult) per half-day, 4€ per person all-day.

Tennis courts fare are 6€ per hour in daytime and 8€ per hour in night-time.

• Special restaurant prices:

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner: 35 € per person per day.

- Breakfast and lunch or dinner (half board): 28 € per person per day.ù

- Breakfast only: 7€ per person per day.

• The nearest airport is in Pescara.

• The nearest railway stations are in Tortoreto Lido and in Alba Adriatica. The taxi fare from

these stations to the Village is 13 €.

• Sport facilities included in the fee:

basket, volleyball, bocce, minigolf, five-a-side football, beach volley, fitness course,

archery, table tennis, table football, cableway for children.

Mail: karakalpaki@libero.it

For urgent inquiries, proposal, et cetera please call Danilo Valla: 0039 3458417585